29 June - 6 July 2014

 St Vincent to Grenada, (Repeat Clients)

Vanessa & Greg,

Thank you so much for a perfect week on Blue Passion. You two are so good at what you do. Hope we'll be back again before too long.

All the best, Deb.


Vanessa & Greg,

We had such a perfect week on the Blue Passion there wasn't one thing that was not perfect. You and Vanessa are such great Captains + Hostesses. We will be back again.




Thank you for an amazing week. Not only was it a pleasure sailing with you, but it was an absolute joy to see your dream put into action ; I can't think of two people who deserve it more. Your love for one another can only be expressed through your mutual passion… your “Blue Passion” J

Much love my new friends.

Out of beer, Out of here



Idyllie week on Blue Passion. Great company, great sailing, an exciting broach, a stinky barracuda, snorkeling with turtles and rays – fabulous trip. Thanks for the sailing lessons. Next time we'll try not to break your boart.

Love you guys.



Once again, great week, we will be back !!

Allison & Whitney.

28 May - 4 June 2014

 St Lucia to Grenada, Honeymoon couple

Dear Greg & Vanessa,

Where to start?

Thank you for your company ; thank you for the dolphins and the rays ; thank you for introducing us to the turtles ; thank you for the delicious food but most of all – thank you for Mexican Train !

May the future bring you happiness.

Penny, London.


Dear Mr & Mrs Langridge (!)

Thank you for making Penny's special birthday trip very special. Your boat is lovely and your cuisine is exquisite – and you live in a special place. Thanks for doing all this with us, for tolerating guitar practice and (of course) for the Mexican Train.

Bon Voyage !


19-23 May 2014

 St Vincent to St Vincent, passing by Bequia, Canouan and Mustique.


Thank you both for such a fantastic vacation. It was better than I ever imagined. We will be back!

Best of luck on your new adventures!

Mike & Kit


Vanessa & Greg,

Thanks so much for this amazing vacation. So many great memories on and off the boat. Good luck with everything in the future!

We love you!

Bailey, Bradley and Michael.

19-26 April 2014

Grenada to Grenada, passing by Carriacou, Petit Saint Vincent, Union Island, Palm Island and The Tobago Cays.

Greg and Vanessa,

This is my favorite vacation ever ! I love snorkeling.

Lauren ( 8 years old).


Greg and Vanessa,

Thank you for a great week, I think everyone had fun, you were very very nice.

Paige (10 years old).


FREDDIE (5 years old).


Thank you so much for an amazing vacation – it  was the trip of a lifetime – full of memories!

Jennifer & Fred.

22-29 March 2014

 St Vincent & The Grenadines to Grenada. (Repeat Clients)

Greg & Vanessa,

Our second Time with you…and ever better !

You make us feel welcome, take wonderful care of us and , I hope, have fun with us!

We will be back to make more memories.

XO Cherry, James, Nicholas, Katie and Mark.

10-18 March 2014

 St Vincent & The Grenadines to Grenada.

Greg and Vanessa you both are terrific!

We had an awesome time! Your skills as chef and Captain are quite wonderful.

This was an amazing trip for us & everyone on Blue Passion and for that we thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vanessa – the meals were terrific, tasty & I will think of for the next month on my diet.

Greg, the SCUBA diving was really wonderful thanks for your help organizing that.

Love you both Y

Corey & Sal.


Vanessa & Greg

Thank you for making this a wonderful & relaxing week at sea. We enjoyed your hospitality – the two of you make a great team. You have shown us the beauty of the Grenadines.

The food is exceptional – Vanessa I need those recipes! Greg – we always felt safe with you at the helm. Blue Passion is wonderful – its immaculate and I thank you for sharing your “home” with us.

Fondly Lynne


Vanessa & Greg,

What a wonderful trip. The meals were fabulous+ just the right variety + amount. Your hospitality was great, I kept wondering how the towels kept getting dried + the room refreshed without seeing it happen. Very stealth.

Greg's sailing skills really showed. I was very impressed with his ability to be ahead of the weather + response to the slightest wind changes.

It was truly a relaxing + memorable trip. Good luck with the business.

Best, Gene.


V&G Thanks for a great time.

The big dog, Jeff.


Dear Vanessa & Greg,

What a wonderful trip! Thank you for offering your hearts and your home to us. The Blue Passion is a beautiful sailing vessel, you obviously love your home. She is kept in great shape.

This is your passion… it shows.

Thanks for wonderful meals every day and the great company!!

Happy Sailing!

Warm Regards, Chris


Vanessa & Greg,

Thanks for the good time.


28 February - 8 March 2014

St Lucia to Grenada, passing by Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, The Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Palm Island, Union Island, Petit St Vincent and Carriacou.

Greg & Vanessa,

We hade the time of Bon Lives! You folks are the Best! As I said we came as guests and deported as friends! You 7x24 foods and attention to detail and fun was both recognized and appreciated. Thank you very much for all that you did to make this such a memorable week! I hope we see you again. You are welcome in our home anytime you are in the Boston area. 

Pete & Sue, until we meet again :)


Greg & Vanessa,

You did a fabulous job with every aspect of the cruise! Having done cruises through the Caribbean many times before I am confident in saying you guys have done an outstanding job all around - don't change a thing! If you make your way to Boston - you are welcome!

Ann & Tony.


Greg & Vanessa,


Loved everything about our sail. Wish it was longer! 

The food & drinks - the Best!

The sails - outrageous!

The swims & snorkels - wonderful!

You know how to make the best of what the West Indies have to offer. 

Merci Beaucoup, xoxo

Debra & Eric.

17-23 February 2014

 Union Island to St Lucia, passing by Palm Island, Bequia, St Vincent and St Lucia.

Hello Blue Passion!

You are inhabited by two of the most lovely people I have ever encountered Greg and Vanessa call you home and so did I for an entire week. It is easily one of the most memorable weeks of my life so far. It was an experience that will always warm my spirit. Blue Passion I will miss you and your owners. I have a very  special place in my heart for the three of you. When I say three of you I mean Blue Passion, Greg and Vanessa. There is not much I can say other than I love you guys and I hope to see you at some point in the future.

Too much love not enough works to express it!!! Brendan


Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Words cannot begin to adequately express how amazing it's been to spend a week with the two of you while Blue Passion is an amazing boat, this entire experience wouldn't have been nearly as memorable without the two of you! From Vanessa's amazing cooking to Greg's …… to get us drunk, you two will always be a part of this group! May you continue to spread the tradition of MAFIA and I hope we meet again (maybe in St Martin) Please let me know if you ever find yourselves in the San Francisco Bay area.

All the best! Mario


Blue Passion!

I feel as though I've been manipulated into writing a very nice letter to you after eating one of the most amazing meals of my life! I'm without words to describe how amazing my trip has been, all thanks to you. I'm still a bit suspicious that you were able to prepare all of our breathtaking meals in your galley. Not only have you treated me better than I deserve from beginning to end, but you've served as an inspiration with your dedication and passion for your own dreams Thank you so much for sharing your boat and your lives with us over the past week, look forward to boating with you in the future.



Greg and Vanessa,

What an adventure. Thanks for leading me and my band of friends into the most incredible week. You two make magic. We are all so rejuvenated and ready for life. Thanks for being our friends on this journey. We will remember these seven days for our lifetimes. Best of luck for the future.

Stay in touch and let me know if you're ever in Dominica! Best, Khary.


Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Thanks so much! This was my first time sailing and the experience blew away my expectations. Both of you went above and beyond to make our trip fun and memorable. Vanessa, I was constantly blown away by the magic you were able to create from a tiny, cramped kitchen. Greg, you made sailing such an enjoyable and easy experience for us and always brought fun and positive attitude.

Thanks again, and keep in touch! Ash


Dear Greg and Vanessa,

I am so grateful and impressed by everything you've done for us to make this trip memorable. You are both very caring and have great personality to be with. Sorry about letting Greg to be in the immigration in St Lucia, explaining that Taiwan and China are different. But I think that was an exciting interesting moment that also brought us closer. Now, you know, Taiwan and China are different.

Great partner skills, and you know the most important element to succeed in hospitality creating the amazing experience.

Best Cecily.


Greg and Vanessa,

I had one of the best vacations I've ever been on, and it's due in large part to the incredible experience you two created for us. Thank you for exceeding our expectations time and time again with your focus, attention to detail, and generous attitude. More importantly, thank you for treating us like family you've welcomed us into your home and truly feel as if I'm walking away with two new friends J. Take good care of each other and I hope this won't be the last time our paths cross.

Warm wishes, Andreea.

5-14 February 2014

 St Vincent & The Grenadines (Young Island Cut to Bequia passing by Mustique, Canouan, The Tobago Cays, Union Island, Palm Island and Petit St Vincent)

Thank you so much Greg and Vanessa for making such fun. Wonderful food cooked effortless and local cocktails produced when ever needed! Thank you for your patience and we hope to return sooner than 25 years! Much luck in all your future plans.

With love from James and Lucy.


Amazing time – Wonderful food and cocktails galore! I loved it and had the best time – lots of fun –

Many Thanks, Angela.


Greg & Vanessa you deserve to conquer the world ahead. We have been very very happy we wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything instead.

With love from us. Peter and Jan.

16-30 January 2014

 Dominica to Saint Martin, passing by Guadeloupe and her islands, Antigua & Barbuda, St Barts and Anguilla.

What a Wonderful time we had on Blue Passion, from Dominica to The Saintes in Guadeloupe, to Antigua, Barbuda to St Barts to St Martin. We sailed many miles. Thank you for a wonderful experience and wonderful food.

Jim, Peach and Susie

New Year 2013-2014

 British Virgin Islands & US Virgin Islands

 Dear Greg and Vanessa,

I had so much fun! Thanks for teaching me to windsurf and helping me tubing and going snorkeling with us. Your vanilla sauce grouper was amazing! We saw such pretty places, St John's still the prettiest place I've ever seen! You both are awesome!



Everything was perfect!

Vanessa is a world-class Chef!

Greg is a world-class Captain! (and marinater of things)

We thank you for making our family trip a pure delight! And for keeping us safe in the big winds!

Emil & Jody


What a treat! Vanessa and Greg – Thank you so much for being the best Captain and first mate we could have possibly asked for.

Everything was perfect – from the snorkeling to the New Year party to the fajitas on my last day. So sad to go… I hope to come back next time I'll bring my brother! Thank you so much! We loved it.


Christmas 2013

 British Virgin Islands

 Dear Greg & Vanessa,

What good luck we are ending our year with, meeting you both + getting to spend our week on Blue Passion!

We have had such a fantastic time! Miles is more relaxed than ever! Your energy was non-stop incredible, your food and drinks très très très bonne! Your knowledge of boating + the sea + the BVI's was superb! Your movie suggestions 5 stars (Django Unchained)! Really, truly, even with our colds + sniffles + our own particular traditions, we have had such a stellar week – and that is because of the two of you.


Your warmth +smiles + story-telling + humor + polite steering of our days have made this such a memorable trip. Your boat is named apropos – you both have shown us your Blue Passion – for each other, for us, + for sailing. Your boat is beautiful, but mainly it's you two.

We can't tell you how much we have appreciated everything you have done for our family! (and I haven't even mentioned teaching us Mexican Train!) Remembering the meals + the scuba diving + snorkeling + turtles + rays will keep us warm for many cold months ahead!


You have make our weeks' vacation feel like a month long trip – and we feel like we have known you for a long time.

We are very lucky to have spent Christmas 2013 with you. We leave with many memories (many of them delicious!) + hope we sail again soon!

Come visit us! And we will hopefully visit you in the beautiful BVI's again. All our love + best wishes for the year…

Connie, Miles, Jason and Rachael.

Thanks Giving (23-30 November 2013)

 British Virgin Islands

Greg & Vanessa what a wonderful week! Thank you for a trip full of adventure, unforgettable memories and new friends. You are both fantastic hosts and have ruined us for any other charters other than you and Blue Passion. The trip was a perfect balance of luxury, adventure, comfort and excitement. Greg you instill confidence in all around you ever with the squalls – and thank you for allowing us to assist with the sailing. Vanessa your food was exquisite and second only to your company and smile.

We feel we have made new friends and hope you will come visit.



Thank you for a great time!

Love Laura


Thank you for letting me drive the dinghy and boat!

Love Sarah Frances


Greg and Vanessa

We loved spending a week with you on Blue Passion. It was a wonderful introduction for our children and we know that they and us will have special memories of their first time in the Caribbean. The snorkeling, tubing, swinging from the rope, sailing were all great experiences not to mention lots of fun.

Vanessa's sweet! Spirit and gracious words made us feel comfortable  and at home. Greg's competence as captain in all things boating helped our confidence ; believe we can say we really did sail even in squalls. It is obvious your both are sharing your gifts and passions with others. We will pray for your safety in your voyages and many blessings in the years to come.

Love Michael, Chelsea, Morgan and Ty.


Thank you for the best trip ever!



I don't want to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Movie Night
Movie Night

12-19 August 2013

 St Vincent & The Grenadines & Grenada

 Dear Vanessa & Greg,

Emir and I thoroughly enjoyed our week with you in the Grenadines. Vanessa you are a great cook and a gracious host, you made us feel welcome in your boat all the time.

Greg your knowledge as the Captain of the boat and the waters gives confidence to all around you. Not a bad fisherman neither.

The Cays was one of the highlights of our trip and the whole journey from St Vincent to Grenada was full of beauty and pleasant surprises.

Highly recommend the trip, and especially with YOU on Blue Passion.

Thank you for the wonderful memories,

So long Murat & Emir.

20-27 June 2013

 British Virgin Islands & US Virgin Islands

 Worst Day ever, because we are leaving L

Vanessa and Greg,

Thank you for an awesome time in the BVI's.

Vanessa : Thanks for teaching me how to dive and thanks for going snorkeling with me. I Yyour desserts !

Greg : Thanks for going on the trampoline with us, J, and thank you sooooo much for the mango smoothies J.

I had soo much fun at the fireball moon party! One again thanks for an awesome time. Miss you already.

Blue Passion Sailing # Best Time Ever!! J



Greg & Vanessa,

I would like to thank you for an amazing week! I had an awesome time traveling with you both. I have learned so much from you both. You taught me how to have fun with UNO and introduced us all to Mexican Train.

Now we will be buying these games as soon as we get home-along with the Illusionist ! Best movie ever!!! Thank you for your crazy stories! Thank you for the laughs, the food Y, the fun, the advice, the help (snorkeling), etc.

I will really miss waking up in the beautiful “Blue Passion” and seeing all of these wonderful islands.

Greg, I'll miss your mango smoothies as well J.

Vanessa, I'll miss all of your cooking.




Greg and Vanessa,

Looking back on this week, so many great, fun memories come to mind. Snorkeling in the gorgeous reefs, the fireball supermoon party, my first experiences sailing, seeing barracudas, fishing, shopping in St John and Bitter End, and everything else I could mention but it would take the whole page J I enjoyed being on Blue Passion very much, and am so sad we are leaving now-the week flew past!

Thank you for sharing all of your crazy stories and adventures with us and teaching us a lot too – even that there is no such thing as a shark attack! You made me laugh constantly with your hilarious UNO rules and all the funny things you guys did.

Thank you for always making us snacks and all of the yummy food-especially that chocolate cake and mousse. I will miss that!! Thank you , Vanessa, for going snorkeling with us and always hanging out with us, shopping, etc. Greg you are so funny!! Shooting the seagulls, making funny noises during UNO, etc.

I had loved getting to know you both (and I love the accents J) I hope we see you again!!! I'll never forget this week and all of the fun moments! Thank you again for everything you did for us and also letting us come into your home and making us feel so welcomed!

I'll MISS YOU GUYS! Y Cheyenne.

Greg and Vanessa,

The boat is stunning and you should be very proud! But, even more impressive than Blue Passion is the overwhelming hospitality and generosity you showed our family the second we stepped on board. Thank you for treating us like family and showing us the Virgin Islands “Blue Passion” style.

We already have ideas for our next trip with you (down island). This was, by far, the best family vacation we have ever been on and it would not have been possible without you! Until we see you again… THANK YOU!

Jamie & Heather


Dear Greg & Vanessa, and Blue Passion,

I was very happy and relieved when I met you guys, because you're both great, I had a great time, on an awesome boat. You guys made amazing food and Greg sweet mango smoothies! It was a great trip! Thank you guys sooo much for everything.

Happy Sailings,


10-17 June 2013

 British Virgin Islands & US Virgin Islands

 Greg and Vanessa,

What a wonderful way to learn about the US/BVI's and chartering, you have spoiled us! We had great fun snorkeling and sailing. You even turn Mark into an underwater photographer! Each dinner was better than the next and we couldn't decide on a favorite dessert…

Chocolate mousse, Key lime pie, Panna cotta, Chocolate rum cake… Yum!

James had a great birthday – lots of fishing, catching the tuna, fresh sushi – just perfect.

We need a re-match of Mexican Train so we can beat Greg!

What a great way to celebrate three graduations.

Thanks for sharing Blue Passion with us.

Cherry, James, Katie, Nicholas and Mark.

1-8 June 2013

 British Virgin Islands

 Dear Greg & Vanessa,

Simply put, we had a wonderful time aboard the Blue Passion. Life is about experiences – this week we will always remember, every sense filled. The sailing, the islands, the snorkeling and the wonderful food. You took such great care of us.

Thank you for a week that exceeded our wildest imaginings in each & every way!

Thank you!

Dennis, Darca, Maya, Elsa and Hannah.


Greg & Vanessa,

Thank you for a wonderful trip that we will never forget. We enjoyed our time on Blue Passion even more than we thought was possible.

We loved the foods, the drinks, the boat, the hospitality, the snorkeling, the sea creatures, the sailing and your company.

Thank you so much for the amazing trip. Every aspect exceeded our expectations. We will never forget all of the wonderful memories you helped us create.

Thank you for making this one of the best weeks ever.


Jake, Susan & Iris

29 March - 6 April 2013

 St Vincent & The Grenadines

 Greg & Vanessa,

Thanks for a great trip. Great hospitality and a wonderful ship. I will never forget the “Blue Passion” and of course the wine table cloth. Good luck in the future hope someday I can return… Thanks again…



Greg and Vanessa,

Thank you for the best trip! I had a really good time. Vanessa thank you for teaching me how to swim with sea turtles! Again thank you so much for the trip.



Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Thanks for a wonderful trip to celebrate Don's Birthday. It was exactly what he wanted to do sail The Grenadines. The food was great and your hospitality was just perfect. I hope to return to Blue Passion again!



Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Thank you for this great trip! I was really happy here. This was a magical trip. Thank you so much.

Love Emma.


Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime for my fiftieth birthday. The sailing and hospitality were excellent you were both very accommodating and attentive to all our needs. We're looking forward to doing it again someday.



Vanessa & Greg,

Perfect!! Nothing more to say. Had a fabulous time – great locations, great meals + most of all great crew!! Trip of a lifetime – Hope to return someday. Thanks for everything.


31st January - 16 March 2013 (6 weeks)

 Week One! Grenada to Bequia, passing by Petit St Vincent, Palm Island, Union Island, Tobago Cays and Canouan.

Dear Greg & Vanessa,

Thank you for making us all so welcome on your beautiful boat. You have a special touch and I am sure David's tour will be a great success. My moment of the week Greg being kissed by Pippa Middleton. I think Vanessa is by far the better choice. Have fun and I hope we meet again.



Greg & Vanessa,

Wow! What a special week you have given us all. The  food has been wonderful and cooked with such ease! So pleased to have learnt to play the Mexican Train, sorry to have stolen it for our week ashore! Enjoy the rest of your trip with David and friends, only 5 weeks to go!!

Hope to see you on Meganissi…

Love Judith & Richard.

Week Two! Bequia to Antigua, passing by St Vincent, St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe.

I couldn't have enjoyed myself more – largely due to your unsurpassable attentions – including of course Vanessa's very special cooking.

With fond Thanks.


 Week Three! Antigua to Anguilla, passing by St Barts.

Dear Greg and Vanessa,

Thank you for a wonderful two whole week on the ocean, revisiting the islands I travelled through 40 years ago. It was very nostalgic and as an added bonus we had superb sailing on Blue Passion and non-stop with cuisine extraordinaire.

We wish you well for your future and thank you for a wonderful time.


And much love + Thanks for all your care + the fun you gave us.



We have discovered the colour of PASSION – c'est BLEU! (It's BLUE!)

And with Greg & Vanessa the whole experience of eating, sailing, swimming, star-gazing and generally living in paradise becomes a reality…

Thank you for a wonderful week, we will miss you. & We will return!

Caroline & Ewen.

 Week Four and Five! St Martin to The British Virgin Islands.

Greg and Vanessa,

What a wonderful two weeks on “Blue Passion”. You were both fantastic, looking after us in every way from excellent sailing, incredible food and a few great nights out. Thank you so much!

Good luck with Blue Passion and the next boat. We will be back!!!

Cheers, Nick.



Amazing! You really know how to give your guests an experience to remember. Thank you so much for great sailing, unbelievable good food and for generally doing everything you could to make sure we're having a good time. Good luck with the business. – I'll constantly be recommending you! An unforgettable 2 weeks.

Thank you, Charlie.


Greg & Vanessa,

It is very difficult to describe in words what a fantastic 2 weeks we have all had on Blue Passion! Time has unfortunately passed by very quickly, and it is truly very sad to be saying goodbye. I loved all of it! 2 weeks on a boat with a 5 men, Vanessa you are a very lucky girl! Shame not to teach you and Greg the wonders of Kite surfing, next time. Some of our nights that will always be remembered, or not! Thanks for all your delicious food, dedication and enthusiasm that we all had the best holiday possible. You are both brilliant hosts, and wish you both every success in the future. You deserve it.

Good wind, Mike.


Greg and Vanessa,

Thank you so much for looking after all of us so well. The two week flew by, I wish I could stay for another few months! Blue Passion is a beautiful boat and we all loved sailing her. Have a great rest of the season.

Many thanks, Alex.

 Week Six and Last! The British Virgin Islands and The US Virgin Islands.

Dear Greg and Vanessa (Top Crew and Captain!)

We have had a perfect week with you which exceeded our expectations in so many ways. As an old sea dog I could appreciate the pristine state of your excellent yacht and her sailing qualities, not to say the skills of her captain. Vanessa's culinary skills were up to the best of restaurants but served up with such charm! “Blue Passion” is run by a top team whose clear objective is to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of their guests. We have been spoilt. Thank you both so much.

Lots of love, Richard and Sheila.


Greg and Vanessa,

After many months of looking forward to this week on Blue Passion we have been thrilled that everything has exceeded our expectations. You two manage your lovely yacht beautifully. Blue Passion sails so well; beautifully balanced and easy to control. Very careful and well-judged decisions from the skipper contributed to a fabulous week. And then there is the food! Vanessa, your cooking has raised the bar to extraordinary standards, not just for onboard cooking but in the finest restaurant. Well done.

Thanks and best of luck in the future, Dix and Sal.


Dearest Greg and Vanessa,

6 weeks wow! You really made David's adventure the best success ever. I too have loved being on Blue Passion – the best boat in the Caribbean – for 3 weeks of the 6. 20 friends came and went and all had the best time of their lives. Your enthusiasm was wonderful – sailing and cooking brilliant – giving us all 5 star treatment from beginning to end.

Thank you both so so much – you will go far – with much love and keep in touch, Jammy.


Vanessa and Greg,

Thank you for your endless hard work, energy and enthusiasm. You made my 6 weeks into a great adventure Grenada to the BVI's – 700 miles of great sailing! Jammy and my 20 guests loved their time on Blue Passion enjoying 5 star services. We shared some great memories together – some you only share with the boys!! Greg you are a great Captain. Vanessa you are an extraordinary cook. Together you are a wonderful couple. I have no doubt that with your passion for sailing and delivering outstanding service to your client, you will be very successful. We look forward to following that success.

Please keep in touch! David.

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