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We know we will give you a holiday experience of a lifetime whether you're a couple on a special romantic cruise, a group looking for a fun adventure or a family wanting to spend some priceless moments together. 


Exploring The Baths
Exploring The Baths

As a member of a group, you will have the whole boat for yourselves. A maximum of 8 people can decide their own destinations and create a personal itinerary which suites everyone.


As a couple you will have the whole boat for youselves. There is no better way to have that special romantic retreat. Imagine you and your partner having dinner under the stars in a beautifully calm bay. 


There is no age limit for children. We have various water sports activities to amuse them as well as fishing, swimming and snorkelling safaris.

Novice sailors can have the opportunity to learn the ropes with Greg who is a qualified instructor. He will focus on the “Day Skipper” syllabus - sail trim, boat manoeuvring, rope work and navigation. This is also a great way to build and record those important sea miles.

Experienced sailors are more than welcome to take control of the vessel and plan the passages. Of course the crew will be right behind to assist you.

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